Lunch and Learn Series: The Vet Biochemistry Essentials

For this year’s lunch and learn series, the MAN Pharma visited renowned vet clinics nationwide to discuss biochemistry diagnostics. The six lecture series were each conducted by our dedicated veterinary diagnostic consultants and were held from March 19 to March 30 at host clinics across major Philippine cities.

The lunch and learn series is constructed to initiate important conversations between MAN Pharma and our partner clients. We hope that through our discussions, we could better gauge their needs and concerns regarding diagnostic technologies. For this series, we focused on the essentials of biochemistry diagnostics. Sharing the important updates imparted to us by the experts from IDEXX, we were able to collaborate with our clients on the ideal diagnostic processes for their practice.

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We were fortunate to have the following clinics as our lecture participants as they continuously strive to deliver the best diagnostics for their patients.
  • Dok Onat Veterinary Clinic
  • Saint Raphael Veterinary Clinic
  • Vets In Practice
  • Pet World Animal Clinic
  • Pet House Central Veterinary Clinic
  • Pet Matters

Down to the Essentials
With so many chemistry tests available through our menu of CLIPs and slides, it can be intimidating to choose which tests to conduct for our furry patients. To help guide our clients, we decided to clarify what each test is for and which ones should be prioritized for certain cases. To better present this, we focused on the different organs that the tests can be vital for. For chemistry tests, the functional status of organs such as the kidneys, the liver, and the pancreas are essential.

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Learning from Real Cases
We also presented our clients with detailed case studies to show how each chemistry test could serve its purpose during diagnostics. Through these studies, we were able to see the difference that each test could provide in bringing out the big picture of the patients’ health.

With the cost of tests playing an important role in the pet owners’ decisions, vets must ensure that the tests that they recommend are instrumental in bringing out a clearer view of the patients’ condition. Remember that the vets’ informed diagnostics can lead to the ideal treatment for each furry patient.

For clinics ready to upgrade their vet diagnostics, MAN Pharma is offering our line-up of IDEXX analyzers and devices. To know more about our IDEXX products, please feel free to fill out the form below.