Revolutionizing Vet Imaging: MAN Pharma Unveils VetiX P8

On July 27, 2022, MAN Pharma together with Mindray Animal Care launched the VetiX P8 to the Philippine market. The online product launch had presentations from experts in the field as well as fun games with amazing prizes. Veterinarians from across the country have waited in anticipation for the unveiling of MAN Pharma’s newest veterinary digital radiography system.
The online event started with a special in-depth lecture from a world-renowned Doctor in Veterinary Medicine Dr. Eason Yeh. He talked about abdominal ultrasound for dogs and cats, giving listeners much-needed insight on the importance of ultrasound to the Filipino vet practice. This informative presentation followed the long-awaited VetiX P8 Product presentation given by Ms. Mabel Liu, Mindray’s Asia sales manager, giving the audience a comprehensive look at the impressive features and benefits of the product.
Attendees also got in on the fun and asked their questions and inquiries during the real-time question and answer segment. They also got to test their newly acquired knowledge through a simple pop quiz game about the presentations and three lucky winners got to go home with exciting prizes.
Before the event ended, MAN Pharma offered exclusive introductory prices for all event attendees, in celebration of the launch of VetiX P8 in the market.

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About VetiX P8
The VetiX P8 is the part of the veterinary digital radiography solution of Mindray Animal Medical that offers safe and quality diagnosis images for animals. With advanced x-ray technology and features, the VetiX P8 ensures the safety of the user and its patients along with providing high-quality outputs, making it the ideal DR system for your animal practice.

About MAN Pharma
Man Medical Pharma & Diagnostics Inc. (MAN Pharma) provides for the emerging market of Diabetes Care, Companion Anima, Life Sciences, and Critical Care. The company supplies innovative solutions for enhanced patient diagnosis and treatment.