Lunch and Learn Series: The Vet Hematology Essentials

As your reliable partner in pet healthcare, the MAN Pharma team made client visits to renowned vet clinics nationwide and talked about animal hematology diagnostics. Throughout the months of June to August, our team of veterinary diagnostic consultants were able to hold six lectures with Filipino vets across the Philippines.

The lunch and learn series is initiated by our desire to strike up vital discussions between MAN Pharma and our partner clients. We hope that through our talks, we could have an improved picture of our clients’ diagnostic needs and concerns. As a second installation of our series tours, our team focused on the essentials of hematology diagnostics. We aimed to share the relevant updates that the experts of IDEXX has taught us as our way of aiding the growth of our partner clients’ practices.

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We were honored to collaborate with the following clinics for our discussion tour. The MAN Pharma team is grateful for their time and participation that they shared in this lecture series.
  • Pet Connection
  • Sacramento Veterinary Clinic
  • Ace Veterinary Clinic
  • Barks & Cuddles
  • Island Pet Paradise
  • Seaside Veterinary Clinic

Back to Basics
Each lecture was kicked off with a recap on hematology basics and established the significance of blood tests to the vet practice. We then broke down the components of the complete blood count (CBC): red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), and platelets (PLT). The lecture highlighted the contributions each of these components provide in delivering a full hematology diagnostic picture. Our lecture also tackled the value of reticulocytes and the importance of 5-part differential count.

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Informed by Actual Cases
Detailed case studies were then presented to our lecture participants to showcase how each blood analytics could provide crucial information during diagnostics. Through these studies, we were able to see how each factor of the blood test results could give us a clearer view of our patients’ overall health status.

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