MAN Pharma at the 1st ISDFI Convention

The Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation Inc. (ISDFI) held its annual Dr. Ricardo E. Fernando (REF) Professorial Lecture in Diabetes on October 20 – 22, 2016, gathering the country’s diabetologists once more to confer about the year’s latest developments on diabetes education and treatment. This year, the ISDFI decided to have its 1st Annual Convention alongside the REF Lecture. The foundation hopes that this would help in further solidifying the collective as a singular body working together to better the diabetes care in the Philippines. The theme chosen for the convention was aptly titled ‘ISD: F.I.R.S.T. in Diabetes (Fostering Integrated Research, Service and Teaching)’ since the lectures concentrated more on the importance of proper information dissemination to successful diabetes education. The selected slogan also highlighted ISDFI’s first annual convention, a tremendous milestone for the community.


Most of the participants arrived on the latter part of October 20. They spent the first day of the convention checking into the venue, the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, and going over their itinerary for the next two days. The convention began its formal program the following day. The exhibits were opened and the guests were free to roam the booths that various pharmaceutical companies had set up for them. MAN Pharma took part in this and greeted the guests with our own booth. There was a steady flow of participants ready to learn more about the analyzers we showcased like the Lipid Pro and Hb-Vario and what these devices could contribute to their laboratories. They were particularly intrigued by our Clover A1c Self-Analyzer and the exclusive promo we had for the product. Our attendance aided the event’s vision for diabetes education by supplying the guests with information about the latest technologies that could potentially assist their medical practice.


The convention’s second and third days were mostly dedicated to plenary lectures and inter-chapter debates. The highlight of the Friday convention was the turnover ceremony wherein Dr. Leorino Sobrepeña stepped down as ISDFI’s President and handed the position over to Dr. Marcelo Lim. Immediately after, the event had the awarding ceremony for ISD alumni. The much-awaited REF Lecture was held the next day, sponsored by Merck Sharp & Dohme Philippines. It imparted essential knowledge to equip diabetologists with the ability to respond to the pressing demands of our country’s current state of healthcare. The convention ended with a Disney-inspired fellowship night where the guests had the opportunity to unwind and bond with their colleagues through a night of costumes, fun, and celebration.


For eighteen years in a row, the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation Inc. has proven itself to be a vital part of our local diabetologists’ efforts to conquer diabetes. Its lectures and debates promote discourses that are needed to solve the barriers standing between us and achieving the ideal diabetes management throughout the country. It has also gone to great lengths to ensure that the diabetology community maintains its close ties. This convention is truly a testament to their solidarity and dedication towards a future free from diabetes.