Man Pharma Brings IDEXX Animal VBD Lecture Series to Bacolod

IDEXX and Man Pharma partnered up once more to present our lecture series on animal vector-borne diseases to Visayan vets. Flying all the way to Bacolod, the Man Pharma – IDEXX team had set up the stage for vets to learn more about the current diagnostic technologies for vector-borne diseases. 

Veterinarians from various regions of Visayas headed towards the L’Fisher Chalet’s rooftop last June 28 for the IDEXX lecture on vector-borne diseases. A sumptuous buffet dinner was firstly setup to welcome the guests. To officially commence the event, the night’s speaker was introduced to her audience. From then on, Dr. Rachael Kilroy, with her 15 years of veterinary practice and her experience in the IDEXX Training and Education team, gladly spoke about her expertise to fellow veterinarians.

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The discourse afterwards revolved around the most common vector-borne diseases in the Philippines. These consequently included heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasma, babesia, and Lyme disease. The discussion allowed the Singapore-based speaker and Filipino vets to compare their encounters with VBDs. This provided everyone with new insights on the problems and innovations experienced by Southeast Asian vets.

To accurately identify the aforementioned vector-borne diseases, IDEXX presented the vet attendees with the best diagnostic tools – the SNAP tests. Dr. Rachael Kilroy featured the numerous technological advancements that the SNAP tests employ to ensure fast and precise results. SNAP tests’ benefits in addition to the event’s special discount encouraged our guests to integrate the SNAP tests into their vet practice.

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The question and answer section that followed was spirited and collaborative. The vets consulted Dr. Kilroy for advice on topics such as administering medication and frequency of SNAP test use. The lecturer answered them as best as she could, using both her knowledge and experience in response. With all questions sufficiently answered, the group took a commemorative group photo. The lecture attendees then made their way home, each with a deeper understanding of the value of vector-borne disease diagnostics.

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