MAN Pharma at the 15th PSAAI Biennial Convention

Through the years, the adverse effects of climate change have seeped into our lives in innumerable ways. One of the more discreet consequences that it has brought is the increasing allergy incidence in the country. The Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Inc. (PSAAI) deemed it fit to be highlighted in their 15th Biennial Convention last September 5 – 6, 2016. In managing the rising rate of allergies, adapting is key – a stance that became the theme of the event. It was labelled as ‘W.A.Z.E.: Winning against Allergies, Zeroing in on Evidence’, a way of likening it to the traffic app WAZE. As with its namesake, expedient navigation is needed to reach the destination. The convention tries to equip medical practitioners with the capability to weave their way through the emerging obstacles to achieve optimal allergy treatment.


The morning of September 5 started early for the event’s participants as they were ushered into the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria at 7 AM for registration. MAN Pharma, along with other medical companies, greeted the incoming spectators with our booths. Our company featured our immunology analyzers in support of the event’s goal of providing better means of allergy detection and management. The participants were able to visit our booth throughout the two-day conference, receiving the latest updates on immunology technology from our MAN Pharma representatives and product catalogues.


Important lectures on allergies were given by known personalities in the country’s health sector. Some of the said guest lecturers were Aileen A. Elorde, MD, DPPS, MCHM of Davao Doctor’s Hospital, Ralph Mösges, MD, PhD, MSEE of the University of Cologne, and Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center’s Maria Carmen D. Ang, MD. PSAAI’s own officers like President Maria Carmela Agustin – Kasala, MD were also among the list of speakers for the convention. Various emerging issues on local allergies were discussed, like the atopic march, allergy drug reactions, and the probability of allergies diminishing through aging.


The conference was also a chance for various companies to promote their brand to the medical representatives present. Aside from the aforementioned exhibit, numerous industry-sponsored luncheon symposia were also held for the guests. This was a way to engage the audience with the newest findings and solutions for various allergy-related topics like allergic rhinitis and food allergies.


By the afternoon of September 6, 2016, the guests were adequately immersed in the recent developments in local allergy, asthma, and immunology. PSAAI has supplied them with the relevant information they’d need for their journey through the changing field of immunology. It’s now up to these medical professionals to put their awareness into motion and be the Filipinos’ guide to a healthier tomorrow.