4 Ways Your Dog is Comforting You

Have you ever had a day so terrible you just want to bawl your eyes out? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Good thing our boys and girls are here to help us. And when we say boys and girls, we mean our adorable and loving pets. Dogs, in particular, are sensitive to human emotions and can tell whether you’re happy or sad. A scientific study found that dogs can pick up your mood and will therefore adhere to your needs by comforting you. Although they may not fully understand what you really feel or what you’re going through, dogs will always be sensitive and reactive to your #feels.

Here are four ways your dog can react to emotional distress: 

1. Physical Contact

This is probably one of your pet’s most common ways of telling you that it will be okay and whatever you’re going through will be over. They’re great cuddlers and can give you all the attention you need whenever you need them.

2. Distraction

Sometimes, your dog will be in an outgoing mood just to bring your mood up. When you’re down and you feel them tugging you or putting something on your lap, maybe play or take a walk with them to relive you of your grief or frustrations. If all else fails, they can always tend to you through physical contact.

3. Exercise

Like distraction, your dog may get you to do things unintentionally and that includes exercising with them. Physical activity eases symptoms of depression and anxiety. So if you’re going through a rough spell, walking your dog might just be a great idea.

4. Space

Not all dogs are like most dogs. Some tend to leave you alone because they prefer you to have your own space. They know you’ve been stricken with grief or are under some stress and want to give you ample time to recuperate. It’s their way of saying, “Whenever you’re ready, I’m here.”

Every dog is different so don’t feel bummed if they don’t immediately come to your aid when you’re feeling down. Your dog loves you and maybe just has trouble relating to your sadness. If they want to help you, let them but don’t vent your anger or frustrations on them. They’re only concerned about you. Either way, they will be there with you every step of the way because your relationship is complex and unique. They love you unconditionally and that alone is something to be thankful for.



Featured Photo:
David Rangel

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