Significance of HbA1c Testing During COVID-19

In every aspect imaginable, the COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely reshaped how we experience healthcare. Aside from its toll on our medical providers’ efforts and resources, how those with pre-existing conditions access their usual medical needs has also drastically changed. Hospitals are now mostly allotted to the rising demand of COVID-19 cases, making it a highly hazardous place for persons with co-morbidities.

Impact on Persons with Diabetes

People with diabetes, in particular, have to adjust their regular check-ups. Routine doctor visits have now transformed into telemedicine to minimize contact. With their restricted access, people with diabetes are less likely to have monitoring tests like HbA1c which are necessary to control glucose levels and prevent possible complications.

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Steadily Rising Numbers

It should be noted that, according to the 2019 estimates of the International Diabetes Federation, half of the individuals living with diabetes worldwide (232 million people) do not know they have it. Those who are unaware of their diabetes may encounter a higher risk of severe COVID-19 complications. That is why it is crucial for them to be screened for HbA1c. An A1c test is a reliable marker used to help detect diabetes mellitus and maintain long-term glucose management for individuals with diabetes mellitus.

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Clover A1c Self HbA1c Analyzer

The Need for HbA1c Testing

Delaying the required medical care could likely increases morbidity and mortality during a health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients who have type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic are the ones who benefit the most from HbA1c testing. Lack of diabetes testing for diabetics with COVID-19 could have detrimental impact to their chances of full recovery. HbA1c testing could also function as a screening test for asymptomatic patients to detect pre-diabetes. This would then introduce them to lifestyle adjustments which could minimize the damage that could be caused by the coronavirus.

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