10 Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Warm in the Cold Weather

Filipinos are already used to our country’s sweltering summers and the occasional rainfall scattered across the year. That is why the recent temperature drops brought by the cold front (a.k.a. the “Christmas Weather” extension) have become a welcomed change for most of us. And from the looks of it, we can still expect this cold and dry season in the days to come. 
Although this may be a good thing, let’s not forget that diseases, such as the flu, are also impending and that we should all protect ourselves, including our pets, from them. Sure, we may think our pets are not that susceptible to the cold due to their thick fur but that’s where we are wrong. They get cold too and can be at risk of experiencing weather-related sickness. That’s why we’ve listed down a few tips and reminders on how to keep our pets cozy and warm during the cold weather.

1. If you’re cold, chances are your pet is too.

cold weather
Our pets experience the cold as well, especially during the peak hours of the morning and evening so might as well wrap him/her in a big hug and bask in each other’s warmth.

2. Go for shorter walks.

cold weather
Because of the chilly weather, warm yourself up by taking a walk with your pet. Mind you, if it starts to get colder and you feel uncomfortable, go home and cozy up with your pet. You’ll be thanking yourself that you and your pet didn’t get a nasty case of colds.

3. Always check your car.

cold weather
Some stray cats and dogs (but most especially cats) warm up under the car or on top of its hood. To make sure that they are safe, tap or bang on the part of your car where you think they’re cozying up. It will cause you less trouble and you’ll be on your way.

4. Do your homework on your pet’s breed.

cold weather
If you don’t know the breed of your cat or dog, make sure to check-in at a local veterinarian (or possibly, the internet) to know whether they’re in need of extra protection in the cold weather.

5. Give them a sweater or coat.

cold weather
For extra protection. Or cuteness.

6. Make sure their collar is updated.

cold weather
Some pets tend to get in a frenzy during a cold weather. Should they ever get lost, make sure you’ve updated their collar or at least, have put a collar on them with your info on it.

7. Beware of heat stroke.

cold weather
Short-nosed dogs, in particular, are at risk of suffering heat strokes if they come into contact with freezing temperatures and then settle in a warm environment. Be more vigilant of their movements and behavior.

8. Feed your pets.

cold weather
Because of the cold weather, pets have a tendency to bulk up to generate enough energy and keep themselves warm. But don’t overfeed them. It’s also still best to consult with your local veterinarian.

9. Let them stay hydrated.

cold weather
In cold temperatures, some pets like to stay hydrated when they bulk up. Make sure to check their bowl and refill it regularly. 

10. Be prepared for cold weather.

cold weather
Sometimes, cold weather can happen unexpectedly. Make sure to watch the local news on weather updates to stock up on the necessary supplies you and your pet needs. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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Eric Ward

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