Signs of Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes is a severe and chronic metabolic described as increased blood sugar levels. There are four (4) common types of diabetes, each having distinct characteristics and symptoms. Type 1 diabetes is one of the types of diabetes that appears during childhood and further develops into their adult years.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

This type of diabetes progresses more rapidly than type 2 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes have an immune system that attacks their healthy cells in the pancreas. Once destroyed, their bodies will no longer produce insulin, resulting in the overproduction of glucose in the bloodstream.

High blood sugar levels can be dangerous and cause severe damage to the body.

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Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that stops a person’s pancreas from producing insulin. It is not caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or unhealthy eating; studies show that it is genetic.

The symptoms that appear for type 1 diabetes patients are often severe. Since it takes a long time before the symptoms are noticed, those symptoms destroy a lot of beta cells. Some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are like other health conditions.

Some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are:
– Increased thirst
– Extreme hunger
– Weight loss
– Fatigue
– Blurry vision

To know if you have type 1 diabetes, you will have to get your blood tested.

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What are the factors that increase the risk of Type 1 Diabetes?

Family genetics: This is the most common factor that increases the likelihood of developing type 1 diabetes. If your family is known to have diabetes, the chance of developing this disease rises.

Viral Infections: Researchers found that certain viruses like German measles, Coxsackie, and mumps may increase the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Diet: Research suggests that children who were given cow’s milk at a young age were more likely to develop type 1 diabetes.

How to manage Type 1 Diabetes

Like most types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes is managed by you. Managing diabetes is challenging but not impossible! Get support from your family and your doctor.

It is necessary to take our insulin shots every time and as well as to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to manage your diabetes.

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