6 Ways to Keep Our Pets Safe from the Summer Heat

The Philippines is no stranger to the sweltering heat and humid air brought by the fast-approaching summer season. As the temperature rises, so do the number of people at the pools and beaches. With just a splash of the crisp and cool water, Filipinos know how to kick things up a notch and enjoy the summer heat. Our pets, however, do not have the same tolerance. We may bring them outdoors to have fun with us but know that they are prone to heat stroke and dehydration as well. It is important to keep tabs on them and their health. Here are a few reminders on how we can keep our pets safe this summer season:

1. Never leave them unattended.

This rule applies to our everyday routine. In summer, however, it’s a different issue. Our pets may want to cool down by going out of the house to catch a gust of wind even when the sun is at its peak. If they’re in a car, make sure to leave the windows open for them to get some much needed air. The inside of a car can be hot and may lead to suffocation or heat stroke. Always accompany them and make sure that you and your pet stay hydrated.

2. Avoid going out as much as possible.

If you think the sun isn’t going to tone down its heat, it’s best to stay indoors and only go out when the sun is setting. The concrete pavement can be hot, especially for your pet’s paws. For better comfort, make sure to stay in a well-ventilated room. If you have an AC,  just make sure that it’s at a temperature that allows you and your dog’s body to properly adjust from the outdoor heat. You don’t want you or your dog to get sick in the summer now, do you?

Here are some of the breeds that are susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke:
– Extreme Himalayan Cats
– Persian Cats
– Pekinese
– Boston Terriers
– Japanese Chins
– Bulldogs
– Pugs

3. Fluids are important.

For your pet, make sure they have a steady supply of cool, fresh, and clean drinking water. Do not force them to drink it since they will most likely do that on their own. Just make sure the water is not too cold or else they’d be surprised to know how you tried to freeze them. They will feel betrayed.

4. Avoid taking walks on hot sand.

If you plan on hitting the beach, the sand may be too hot for your pet’s paws. The surface of the sand becomes hot since it is more exposed to the deadly rays of the sun. Beach chairs and even towels on the sand can also retain heat. These could make your pets feel uncomfortable and irritable. It’s best to let them retreat to somewhere cooler.

5. Do not shave them.

Your pet’s fur isn’t just their outer layer but their barrier from the heat of the sun as well. Their mane helps them to feel cool (literally and figuratively) during the summer.

6. Remain vigilant of your pet’s behavior.

If you start noticing something strange about your pet’s behavior, don’t overlook these symptoms and have them checked at a local veterinarian. This could either be an effect of the heat or an underlying condition you’re unaware of.

Having fun in the sun is the epitome of a summer escapade. But let’s not forget that it also brings heat-related conditions that can harm us and our beloved pets. We must stay vigilant at all times to make the most out of the summer season.


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Matt Benson

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