DIABETES WATCH: 6 Products you need to better manage your diabetes

Managing your diabetes can be troublesome and a hassle when you’re not prepared. Aside from having a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise, some products and items can make your life easier
Here are six (6) products you NEED to have to manage your diabetes better

1. Glucose Measuring Supplies
A glucose monitoring kit helps you track your sugar levels, helping you better manage your diabetes. A glucose meter displays the amount of glucose in your blood.
A Glucose Measuring kit usually has:
– Testing Strips
– Glucose Meter
– Lancet and lancing devices

Suggested Product: Gluneo Lite Starter Kit Promo | The Diabetes Store
This kit comes with the GlueNeo Life Glucose Meter, Gluneolite strips, and Blood Lancets. The Diabetes Store has a limited-time promo that can save you up to PHP 960 when you buy this kit.

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2. Sharps Container
Keep your used insulin syringes and pen needles in one place. Sharp containers are made of leak-proof, puncture-resistant materials and have a snap-lock lid, convenient disposal of used sharps.

Suggested Product: BD Home Sharps Container| The Diabetes Store 
The BD Home Sharps Container helps you store all your used sharps, keeping your area clean and safe.

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3. Pen Needles
Pen needles are disposable needles used for insulin. They are to an insulin pen and are small thin, and painless. They offer convenience and less pain than insulin syringes.

Suggested Product: BD Ultrafine Pen Needle 4mm 32g | The Diabetes Store
The BD Ultrafine Pen Needle is compatible with ALL brands of insulin pens, making it the only insulin pen you need!

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4. Alcohol Swabs
It is always a good practice to prep your skin before an insulin injection. Sanitizing your skin can reduce skin bacterial counts by 82-91%

Suggested Product: BD Alcohol Swabs | The Diabetes Store 
These alcohol swabs are softer and thicker. They ensure reliable skin preparation for hygienic and safe insulin injections. You can also double it up for household uses!
It has 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, a four-layer wrapper, providing an air-tight seal that prevents leaks and drying, and each piece is wrapped individually.

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5. Meal Measuring Plate
To better control your sugar levels, experts suggest managing your food portions. Eating correctly portioned food can help manage your blood glucose levels. Meal measuring plates can enjoy food without having to count calories.

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6. Diabetic-Friendly Snacks
Help yourself to the sweeter things in life! The American Diabetes Association recommends that diabetes patients drink low-calorie drinks to prevent a spike in their blood sugar.

Suggested Product: DiabetaMil ND Chocolate | The Diabetes Store e
The DiabetaMil ND Chocolate is a drink suitable for diabetes patients. This drink is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and protein and is formulated for diabetes patients.

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Check out the diabetes store for more amazing and diabetic-friendly products!