Zybio EXM3000 Nucleic Acid Isolation System

The Zybio EXM3000 Nucleic Acid Isolation System is designed for the high throughput isolation and purification of nucleic acid through the magnetic bead method. It is capable of streamlining the PCR detection time by extracting 32 samples within 9 minutes. Through its extensive features, the EXM3000 provides more efficient extraction, smaller benchtop footprint, and safer operation.

Manufactured by Zybio Inc.
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Has 5 sets of basic preset programs
Editable extraction program with storage for more than 500 program
8.4 inch HD touch screen
Equipped with ventilation facilities and negative pressure exhaust function
Pre-filled reagent kit for reduced operation process and time
Alarm reminder for abnormal failures

CE Marked
Quality Assured by MAN Pharma