RIDAqLine Philippine Allergy Panels

The RIDA qLine Philippine Allergy Panels are enzyme immunoassays on a nitrocellulose membrane (immunoblot) for the quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in human serum and plasma (citrate). This panel is specially designed to detect the most common inhalant and food allergens in the Philippines.

Manufactured by R-Biopharm AG
Made in Germany

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Based on the principles of the immunoblot technology
Standard curve calibrated against the international reference preparation “2nd WHO IRP 75/502 for human IgE”
Available in inhalant and food panels with up to 20 allergens
Can test 400 µl of human serum / citrated plasma
2.5 hours assay time

RIDA qLine Allergy Test Panels
Orbital Shaker
Incubation Set
Flatbed Scanner
RIDA qLine Software

CE Marked
ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MAN Pharma