Nutrich Tablets Pet Supplement

The Nutrich Tablets is a complete nutritional supplement of vitamins & minerals to help your pets overcome micronutrient deficiencies and to support their overall health and well-being. It is recommended for faster growth, to help erythropoiesis, to prevent nutritional alopecia, to promote healthy pregnancy, to avoid epiphora and coprophagia, and to improve fertility.

Manufactured by Virbac
Made in France

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Suggested Dosage
For puppies and kittens: 1/2 tab daily
For adult dogs and cats: 1 – 2 tabs daily

Each tablet contains:
Vitamin A (1100 iu)
Vitamin D3 (110 iu)
Vitamin E (2.5 mg)
Vitamin B1 (0.2 mg)
Vitamin B2 (0.5 mg)
Vitamin B6 (0.22 mg)
Vitamin B12 (4 mcg)
Folic acid (0.04 mg)
Calcium pantothenate (2 mg)
Nicotinamide (2.25 mg)
Calcium (110 mg)
Phosphorus (80 mg)
Iron (6.75 mg)
Zinc (2.5 mg)

1 bottle of 30 or 60 tablets