Megaderm Pet Supplement

Megaderm is a pet supplement with the superior formula for Essential Fatty Acids. It has the ideal 5:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential for the production of anti-inflammatory mediators for maintaining skin integrity and modulating inflammation in skin infections.

Manufactured by Virbac
Made in France

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Suggested Dosage
For skin and haircoat health and maintenance: 1 sachet every other day
For skin disorders: 1 sachet every day

Omega 6 (sunflower and evening primrose oils)
Omega 3 (coldwater fish oil)
Vitamin A & E

For dogs and cats <10 kg: box of 4 mL sachets (28 sachets)
For dogs and cats >10 kg: box of 8 mL sachets (28 sachets)