Leucofeligen FeLV/RCP Feline Vaccine

The Leucofeligen FeLV/RCP is a feline vaccine used to protect cats from calicivirosis, viral rhinotracheitis, panleucopenia, and leukaemia. The vaccine helps to reduce the signs of these diseases while preventing feline panleucopenia and persistent viraemia for feline leukaemia.

Manufactured by Virbac
Made in France

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Each mL contains:
Live Feline Calicivirus (strain F9) 104.6 -106.1 CCID50
Live Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis virus (strain F2) 105.0 -106.6 CCID50
Live Feline Panleucopaenia virus (strain LR 72) 103.7 -104.5 CCID50

Cell Culture Infectious Dose
Minimum quantity of purified p45 FeLV-envelope antigen (102 μg)

3% aluminium hydroxide gel
Purified extract of Quillaja saponaria (10 μg)

Available in 10 or 50 doses/vials