Genefinder EX-MATE 32 Plus

The Genefinder EX-MATE 32 is an automated nucleic acid extractor that consistently extracts DNA of a high yield and purity with no risk of cross contamination.

Manufactured by Infopia Co., Ltd.
Made in South Korea

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Rapid extraction within 20 minutes
No need for sample pre-treatment
1 to 32 samples per cycle
Touch screen interface
UV decontamination
Minimal bench space

Genefinder EX-MATE 32
Genefinder Extraction Kits (each with 3 pre-filled plates for 48 extractions and disposable strips)
     Whole Blood DNA Extraction Kit
     Bacterial DNA Extraction Kit
     Viral DNA Extraction Kit
     Viral RNA Extraction Kit
     Mycobacterial DNA Extraction Kit

CE Marked
ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MAN Pharma