GeneFinder COVID-19 Plus RealAmp Kit

The GeneFinder COVID-19 Plus RealAmp Kit is a one-step reverse transcription real-time PCR kit designed to qualitatively detect the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through reverse transcription reaction and real-time polymerase chain reaction.

Manufactured by OSANG Healthcare
Made in South Korea

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100% sensitivity and 100% specificity (based on RITM evaluation)
Can test sputum, nasopharyngeal swab, and oropharyngeal swab
Compatible with ABI 7500, ABI7500 FAST, and CFX96 PCR models
Targets the RdRp gene, E gene, and N gene
Results in just 120 minutes
Easy-to-use (one-tube) and  interpretation

100 tests per kit, each test containing the following:
– COVID-19 Plus Reaction Mixture
– COVID-19 Plus Probe Mixture
– COVID-19 Plus Positive Control
– COVID-19 Plus Negative Control

CE Marked
FDA Approved
Quality Assured by MAN Pharma