Canitone Jr. Pet Supplement

The Canitone Jr. is a growth-enhancing, liquid nutritional supplement for young pets. It  contains a blend of pivotal vitamins and minerals for the crucial growth and development phase. Amongst the nutrients present, iodine is a vital mineral present which supports the thyroid gland functions responsible for aiding growth and metabolism.

Manufactured by Virbac
Made in France

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Suggested Dosage
For pets up to 6 months
Small breeds: 5 mL daily
Large breeds: 10 mL daily

Each 5 mL contains:
Calcium (150 mg)
Phosphorus (75 mg)
Vitamin D3 (400 IU)
Vitamin B12 (5 mcg)
Sodium (4.2 mg)
Magnesium (5 mg)
Iron (2.5 mg)
Iodine (50 mcg)
Vitamin B5 (2 mg)
Vitamin B6 (0.22 mg)

250 mL bottle with a measuring cap